Life is an Experience. To Live, is a Skill. Learn to Live. We are a group of highly experienced Lifeprenuers with deep expertise in Installing Life Skills. Skills that directly enhance our Living Conditions and Life Experience are Life Skills. Learning is the most fundamental Life Skill. Learn to Learn. Decision Making and Problem Solving are the most important Life Skills. Happiness is also a Skill. So is Confidence. Anything that can be improved is a Skill. Clearing the toughest exam in India, Cracking a difficult job interview, Convincing your Spouse are all Life Skills. Health is not Wealth. Wealth cannot buy health. We need both. Both can be improved. Both are Skills. HIM LIFE SCHOOL can help you in building Five Core Life Pillars of Life (Education + Career + Relationships + Health + Wealth ) Once you build these Five Pillars, you are a LIFE SCHOLAR

Our Vision is to make LIFE a better LIVING Experience

Our Mission is to TRANSFORM 100 million humans into Human Intelligence Master

Board of Mentors

Ram Mohan Naidu

Ganesh Balakrishnan

Sudhakar Rao

Abhishek Andhavarapu

Saratkiran Andhavarapu

Vineel Patnana