One Delayed Attempt in CA will cost you more than 3 Lakhs at any level ( 50000*6 months )

Why should you join our ONE LAST ATTEMPT
Mentorship ?



We help you create a study plan that you can actually implement. 

Our SUPER PLANNERS will help you in crafting a customized strategy that brings you the desired results.



Any plan without an implementation system is bound to fail.

 Our SUPER TRACKERS will help you to implement your plans strictly and  monitor your performance on a real time basis.



What cannot be measured cannot be improved. 

Our SUPER SESSIONS will help you  improve your efficiency continuously of  through our core philosophy of KAIZEN. 

5 step prep

Take one right decision to rebuild your CAreer

Clear your CA Exams in
one last attempt - MAY 22

Your decision makes the difference between ONE LAST ATTEMPT and ONE LOST ATTEMPT

Benefits of joining our ONE LAST ATTEMPT Mentorship

Core Modules

Massive Action Plan

Maximization Strategy for full time students who can study for 8 – 10 hours / day 

Minimum Viable Preparation

Balanced Strategy for articleship students  to study for 3 – 5 hours / day 

End Game Optimization

Optimization Strategy for working professionals with limited study and exam leave period

Magic of Mornings

Powerful morning routine to kickstart your day at 5 AM and complete 40% of daily study target before 9:00 AM

Daily Active D.O.S.E

To reduce overthinking and navigate your mood swings throughout the Preparation process

Ask HIM Anything

Resolve all your preparation related problems in  Q & A mode

Performance Evaluator & Tracker

Evaluate and track your hourly targets and daily progress

Weekly Performance

 Review your performance every week and compare with other weeks

Exam Mistake

Avoid the mistakes you are about to make in the main exam by using this trakcer

Bonus Modules




mrt - memory and retention techniques

hps - handling pressure & stress


                                      I have discovered my "X"

Hi All

I have recently cleared CA final. With all my experience I can make this statement 

CA Exam = Subjects + Y factor + X factor + Luck factor

1. Subjects: We all know what they are and how they are. The concepts, important topics, marks distribution within the subject.

2. Y Factor: Everyone has their own Y factor in which they are inherently good at. Some may be good in making repeated number of revisions, notes, being consistent and consistently focused etc. This needs no external support or assistance but constant efforts.

3. X Factor: Himakanth Sir steps in here. We don't know what we lack or bad at precisely. If we know, we don't know how to overcome it. If we know how to overcome, we still ignore that or consciously choose the comfort zone and not to improve. Mostly this alone X factor decides our fate in the end game aka exam.

4. Luck factor: Just a bit of  Luck.

How has Him Life School helped me out for the above?

1. Subject clarity: I got more clarity on the trend and marks distribution of the subjects and the best way to get good hold on them.

2. Y  factor sharpening: I was good at planning but not implementation as I  made time tables but not followed them. So I learnt to master implementation as good as planning.

3. X factor discovery: Sir, having seen, monitored, interacted and helped people many students in this specific CA exam domain has helped me clearly identify my X factor and helped me to get grip on  it.

4. Luck factor: I have learned to keep calm. Meditate and that luck will be showered.

My sincere and heartful thanks to Sirji

All the very best to you guys!!!

CA Sai Teja Marepally
"You will never fail in the Exam but in the Preparation"

It all started in the month of December 2020, while I was surfing through social sites I came across an advertisement regarding a workshop called Super Student stating the above line. I immediately registered for the workshop and attended the workshop from 21st of Dec 2020 to 25th of Dec 2020. It was then I came to know about mentorship, but I didn't register for the program thinking that I got enough time for May 2021 and also fees was not up to my standard.

After 6 months I have realized that I am going to Fail May 2021 Exams as I could only complete one revision that too on a selective basis.

I gave the exams in the month of July and Failed.

As it is said, Life always gives us second chance, it was in the month of september when I again came know about Super 36 mentorship program and I had applied and selected for the program but now the fees for the program is relatively higher than the earlier program (back then in Dec 2020). I somehow managed the funds and my journey towards Dec 2021 attempt started.

This time all I have is 80 days for my exams and I have started preparing under the guidance of Himakanth Sir and the result is "PASS" .

I am thankful to Himakanth Sir for letting me know my mistakes and teaching me the techniques of learning and for providing the right guidance throughout the program and even during the Exams to make me a Chartered Accountant.
CA Suresh Kalvarala

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