How to Study with Focus and Concentration

Concentration is your ability to think ONLY about the ONE thing you are doing and nothing else.

It also depends on how you avoid distractions.

Distraction is ANYthing that prevents you from doing that ONE thing.

What we stop doing determines what we can start doing.

Elimination of EVERYthing else and Selection of that ONE thing is key to concentration.

The Top Two Killers of Concentration are :

  1. Multi-Tasking
  2. Over-Thinking

Focus is the act of Concentrating on ONE thing. Say your Career.

Then you are Career-Focused. (No one says you are Career Concentrated )

Procrastination is a problem that happens at a different stage. It won’t let you start studying whereas lack of concentration doesn’t let you study even after you start.

Then we have Attention which is a deeper concept than concentration.

It took me more than 10 years to gain these deep insights and master my mind.

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