How do I Motivate Myself? How to Study?

We have two different questions here :

How do I motivate myself?
How to Study?

Getting Motivated is Easy. Studying is difficult. They are not linked to each other in the way students think.

Most of the students just keep getting motivated every day. That’s it. They cannot move beyond that and actually Study.

Instead, you can just Study. Here is how :

Step 1 : Clearly Figure out your Why to Study ?

This has to be deep and detailed.

Responses like I want to get marks, clear exams, get a qualification are quite shallow. “The Why” needs a lot more detailing. Why is the fuel for everything we do.

What we do, How we do and How well we do depends on our Why?

Not clear? Let me explain. ( Long Answer Alert !)

I have cleared all the stages of my CA in the First Attempt at the age of 21. Got a National Rank in CMA. Let me tell you My Why?

I belong to a Middle Class south Indian Family.

Middle-class life is all about restricted choices and a lot of compromises.

My Parents had to work extremely hard to live a very basic life. Whereas I saw many of my Friends’ families living in abundance. ( Am not attracted to Luxury)

It is not just about money but the FREEDOM they enjoy. Freedom of choice is something I highly cherish.

The upper class always has better choices than the middle class.

So I have firmly decided to go for a Class Upgrade for my family.

Normally, it takes two generations for any family to shift their class. However, I wanted to do it in my generation itself. So that both my Parents and Children can experience a better living during my lifetime.

So, I have listed out the Three most important factors needed for the Class Upgrade

Intelligence ( Clarity + Quality of our Thoughts, Problem Solving….)
Education ( Qualification, Skills, Continuos Learning……)
Income ( Earning, Saving, Investments ……)
Out of the three factors, the first logical step is “Education”

( This is the only factor I had direct control on. Once you become Intelligent, formal Education become less relevant )

I have firmly decided to have a strong Education background. I personally believe skills are important than qualifications. However, in the real world, you need a Qualification to build a strong Credibility.

Any good Qualification works like your Personal Brand

Once you get your Qualification, the need to prove yourself every time is reduced. Trust me, Proving yourself is a painful process.

“Do it once. Use it forever”

With this context, I have listed our qualifications with the highest credibility in India.

One Option is to graduate from IIT, IIM, ISB, NALSAR, NIT, NIFT.

( These are Institute Centric Options. The weightage comes purely because of the College more than the Qualification. B.Tech from IIT is miles apart from the same B. Tech from a local engineering college )

Additionally, we have Professional Qualifications

The best examples are CA, CMA, CS.

The weightage is entirely derived because of the qualification.

The role of college is Nil/Low.

Other examples are Doctors and Lawyers. They have their credibility even before we think about their respective colleges.

Exceptions are ( AIIMS, JIPMER, NALSAR)

Essentially, my Why to Study? is to have a Class Upgrade for my Family

Additional reasons :

To Work with one of the world’s top 10 organizations
To Marry a Doctor from a Well Educated Family
To Build a Powerful Professional Network ( CA have CA friends, Doctor have Doctor Friends )
For all the three reasons above, having a Strong Qualification was necessary for me.

In order to get a Qualification, I have to Study.

For me, Studying was an Opportunity and the easiest route to achieve my larger objectives. That Built my Drive

Once I figured out what Drives me, I was always driven by my core Purpose and larger vision ( This works a lot more powerful than meaningless motivational videos)

In my case, what I choose to study was CA

( Why I chose CA amongst the others is up for another discussion)

CA was compatible with my main objective of CLASS UPGRADATION and also the additional three reasons.

Once you decide on your course. Stick to that no matter what.

Give it a reasonable time period. Say 4 – 5 years.

During this time, only this course should become your Plan A and only Plan.

Don’t make the mistake of creating alternatives. Don’t even think about them during the given period.

This will reduce the Fickle Mindedness during studies.

You would no longer worry about that “ Latest Course, which is easy and with minimum investment, you can get the highest package “

Respect your original decision. You took it for a reason. Or it happened for a reason.

My idea is not to encourage anyone to pursue a qualification till they drop dead. But don’t quit too early.

This is the first and most important step.

Go and Figure out your Why? It may take some time now but will save a lot of time eventually.

If you have already chosen your course, realign your Why? to the larger picture of your Life. Your core purpose.

Don’t go to Step 2 until you finish finding your Why?

Step 2: Understand How to Study?

The other way of defining this is to “ Learn how to Learn ?“

No one would have taught you this.

Everyone talks about What to Study?

You know what, that is meaningless until you know How to Study?

Lack of understanding here is forcing the students to seek motivation.

They think that they lack the motivation to study,

The reality is most of them do not know how to study.

Exams are difficult but the real problem is with the process of Preparation.

Preparation is a very complex process. It has to be simplified and broken down into actionable steps. Very few people do that.

Imagine you are lost in a Jungle, no GPS, no one to seek help, tired, hungry, scared of the animals, your feet are badly hurt. It is getting dark. Your parents must be searching for you. You are worried about their safety as well.

What would you need at that point of time? A Motivational Video with a Low Pitched Voice and Loud BGM ??

You cannot take the next step because you are lost. Not that you are demotivated.

If someone gives you the exact roadmap that you need to walk 250 meters to the east, then take a right and walk for 300 feet. You will very much do it because you know it can solve your problem.

Motivation can only make you stand up and then you don’t know what to do next. You will wait for a while and sit down again. The next day, watch another video and then sit down yet again.

The problem here is many students do not understand what their real problem is. So, they attribute everything that doesn’t work to a lack of Motivation.

It is like refueling the car every day without fixing the broken engine

So, the best way to come out of this is to delink Motivation and Studying.

People get drunk. People get motivated. Nothing wrong about both of them.

But do not link drinking and motivation with Studies.

A lot of you might know that Motivation is not the solution, what’s more important to know is Motivation is not the problem as well.

So time to find out the underlying reason for Why are you not able to Study?

At HIM LIFE SCHOOL, we make our SUPER STUDENTs do a detailed Root Cause Analysis.

Once the problem is clearly identified, solution is easily available.

You can share the root cause of your problem here in the comments section, I will respond with the solution.

If you want to do it privately, you can share your problem/query in the below form.


We will revert with the solution that might suit you.

All the Best in digging deep and finding the problem that stops you from studying.

We are ready with the solution. You just need to find the problem.

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