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Upcoming Workshop on 23rd August at 7 PM

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When you are a part of this Epic 5-Day workshop....
Here are a few secrets you'll discover...

Inside of this 5-day workshop, I will be sharing with you 15+ UNKNOWN SECRETS to help you clear your exam in a single attempt. Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover inside of this Epic 5-day Super Student Workshop.

Day 1 : Why do so MANY Students Fail so Many Times?

Secret #1: How to do Root Cause Analysis for the Real Problems and identify the Underlying reasons behind them?

Secret #2: How to overcome most common issues faced by the students?

Secret #3: The proven strategy to realize what could go wrong in your exam and get ready for the challenge.

Day 2 : How do FEW Students Succeed All The Time?

Secret #4: Introduction to the the SUCCESS FRAMEWORK… which we call as the PASS GUARANTEE FRAMEWORK to help you clear your CA exam in first attempt.

​Secret #5: How to create a Positive Attitude and get away from negativity to present well in your exam.

Secret #6: The only thing that makes you think that you might fail is – LOW SELF CONFIDENCE, we provide you with the necessary confidence Building Measures to increase self confidence and present with the right attitude.

Day 3 : What are the Essential Elements of a RIGHT PREPARATION STRATEGY?

Secret #7: The Highly underrated strategy to plan your syllabus and divide it into manageable modules.

​Secret #8: How to setup powerful goals which you think you can’t but you can achieve using our GOAL SETTING TECHNIQUES.

Secret #9: The highly successful preparation pattern used by most of the rankers to clear their exam ease.(END GAME OPTIMIZATION)

Day 4 : How To Build A FOOL PROOF & FAIL PROOF Execution Framework?

Secret #10: The memory retention techniques suggested by top-level coaches internationally to remember everything you read and present the same in your exam.

​Secret #11: The Fail-Proof revision shortcut plan to be implemented in the last week before your exam to gain maximum advantage. (SUPER REVISION MODULE)

Secret #12: The NO BS guide to effectively manage your Time, Energy, and Effort which helps you to cover more syllabus in much lesser time.


Secret #13: The Step-by-Step guide to increasing the productivity of your day and building a strong routine (MASSIVE ACTION PLAN)

Secret #14: The secret strategy I have used to bring a massive shift in my mindset and become super productive (MIND MASTERY)

Secret #15: How to create an Early Morning Routine which will give you an Unfair Advantage in preparation – *NO ALARM REQUIRED* (MOM)

Upcoming Workshop on 23rd August at 7 PM

(100% Refund in the first 3 days. NO QUESTIONS ASKED)


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Super Student

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